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    • November 19
      - Parish Office
      This year our Giving Tree donations will be going to the men at the Jack Mulhall Center for Sober Living, who give so very much for our parish. YOU can help bring the Light of Our Savior this Blessed Christmas Season to the men in residence, here at St. Pat’s. This year because of health safety (COVID-19), we need to do our Giving Tree a little bit differently: There will be no ornaments to take from the tree as in previous years, but a liturgically decorated Giving Tree to place your gift/donation under by Sunday, December 13, 2020. For complete info, please click here.
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    • November 16
      - Fr. John Pfeifer
      Around this time of year, and maybe even earlier, we start to hear & see countdowns of how many days remain until the holidays.  There are “x” number of days left until Thanksgiving or there are “x” number of days left until Christmas.  In “normal” years, there are many preparations that go into getting ready for the holidays & this year is no different, though we know & we’ve heard that this year’s holiday celebrations will take on a different look with the continuing pandemic that we are in.
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    • November 5
      - Webmaster
      After further review and testing, and as an effort to increase viewership on each parish's YouTube Channel, we will be transitioning the livestream of the Mass over to YouTube beginning on the weekend of Nov. 28-29, 2020, the First Sunday of Advent. Links will be placed on each parish's website and Facebook site beginning the weekend prior, and each weekend thereafter. Parishioners will also be encouraged to "Subscribe" to the Parish's YouTube Channel, which will send them notifications of when the Parish Mass is LIVE on YouTube.
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